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Photo of the front of a yellow/gold/orange colored Lamborghini at SPOCOM Anaheim 2019.
Photo of the front left side of a modified slammed/lowered white Tesla with a carbon fiber hood at SPOCOM Anaheim 2019.
Front of a wrapped blue Mitsubishi with modified blue headlights and a wolf plushie on top of the car at SPOCOM Anaheim 2019.
Portrait of a blonde woman from behind with the subject facing away towards the trees.
Cliff face from Monrovia Hiking Trail.
Sunlight shining through tries with the scene perspective looking up to the sky from the Monrovia Hiking Trail.
Picturesque part of the trail with the dirt pathway and trees on the side with the sun shining on the path from Monrovia Hiking Trail.
A vertical shot of the road that connects to the trail with someone in a red shirt walking on the bottom right on the image on the road from Monrovia Hiking Trail.
Photo of a smartphone taking a photo of a film camera.
Square black and white photo of Balboa Pier with an elderly couple walking flanked with fishermen tending to their fishing rods.