Visualizing Bipolar Disorder

Visualizing a psychological disorder. Based on a combination of an axolotl and mountain goat. I used the two animals two represent the manic "axolotl" and depressive "mountain goat" phases of bipolar disorder.

Challenge: Design a character that visualizes common characteristics of bipolar disorder.

Character Design | Digital Painting | Psychology

Bipolar Disorder Poster

Horizontal poster with bipolar disorder character design on the left and on the right is some information on bipolar disorder.

Art Deco Video Game Illustrations

Art deco line illustrations inspired by video games and gaming culture.

Challenge: Illustrate video games and gaming culture using only art deco line work.

Video Games | Illustrator | Art Deco


Four art deco line art video game drawings.

"Through the Wind with Mr. Bean"

Illustration of Mr. Bean from Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007) filled with patterns and line.

Challenge: Design original patterns that portray Mr. Bean references and the blissful feeling he is experiencing in this scene while riding a bike.

Illustration | Line Art | Patterns


Poster illustration of Through the Wind with Mr. Bean.