Portrait of Christopher Trinh. As a designer, I usually try to create designs that are both playful and minimal. My goal is to create designs that are easy to understand, but also fun to look at. My focus is in creating an enjoyable experience for my users and audience.

I have received training and education as a designer at California State University, Fullerton and I constantly pursue my development through learning new techniques whenever I have time to do so. I like to work with both print and digital art. My goal with the use of different types of mediums is to create an identity for my designs to stand by itself. By focusing on creating unique identities for my art, it impacts my audience by getting them invested into how they can interact with my art.

As an Asian-American, I sometimes bring in ideas that I have learned from the traditional Asian culture in which I grew up with. Being an American that was conflicting identities between being an Asian and being an American, this also pushed me to sometimes bring up these challenges in my art. As a maker, my minimalistic style is partially influenced from my Asian heritage, as my father’s family has a minimalistic lifestyle that is close to my lifestyle. The minimalistic lifestyle is more about being creative with the least amount of materials as possible. The philosophy of creating the best out of the least of elements translates well into my designs as I have been practicing it through my own lifestyle.

Creating designs that is both playful and minimal is a product of the person I am. My artistic style becomes easy to understand through its minimalistic philosophy along with it being approachable through its playfulness.